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BlunTv's founder, Katrina R. Rosseini, is a media expert with the necessary acumen and knowledge to launch a media hub in an innovative new sector - cannabis. As an entrepreneur, she has played in various sectors successfully. Her experience and trailing record includes being one of the first women to have a financial news show in California with ABC news, to running a media strategy consulting practice focusing on healthcare & biotech, to creating one of the first digital shows about California politics, to launching globally recognized brands and partnerships. 
Ms. Rosseini is an entrepreneur who has an appreciation for innovative sectors that present challenges. The launch of BlunTv was directly tied to the void she saw when creating weekly legislative and regulatory cannabis segments from California's state capitol, "Capitol Cannabis Corner". She has been developing her own brand as a cannabis media expert and focusing on content that both consumers and industry players seek. 
Katrina is a regular contributor to media and news stations and as of recently, she has been highlighted as one of the 4 women showcased as a leader in California's cannabis sector. She is also a speaker in the media and entrepreneurial space and will be speaking at the 2019’s Sacramento’s Women Conference this October. 
Katrina holds an MBA in finance, and has held various positions as an appointee to Governors in California, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has worked in the financial sector on both the institutional and retail side of advising as a former series 7 and 66 license holder for elite firms including, UBS Financial Services and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. She brings her knowledge, network and skill set to all her ventures. 
BlunTv’s goal is to be the one-stop shop for all things cannabis digital media. Her vision is to produce channels that showcase interesting and timely cannabis content sought out by both the public and the cannabis industry. The lack of research and the fact that cannabis is still a federally illegal schedule 1 drug, adds various challenges.  "We are just getting started and BlunTv will generate content that is real, raw, engaging and entertaining in a space filled with stigmas and the unknowns”.

Advisory Team

Advisory team are experts in digital media, industry, investing, regulatory & science- coming soon!

Experts in digital media, science, health, regulation, industry, culinary & entertainment- coming soon!

Sacramento & the Bay Area


BlunTV content will be captured nationally, with early stage focus on California. Our podcast and video satellite hub will launch from San Francisco- more content coming soon!

Regulatory & Legislative Updates from California's Capitol

BlunTv's "Capitol Cannabis Corner" talks about Illinois, now the 11th state to legalize recreational use of cannabis and making it one of only 2 states to legalize through the legislative process!

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Culinary, Consumption & Product Review Channel


Regulatory, Legislative & News Channel


Science, Health & Medicinal Channel

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Digital Content in the Raw!

We partner with brands looking to create raw and creative content to showcase for digital brand building goals. Our content is created with your specific audience in mind. 

You co-own the finalized product via content agreements, to utilize for your own marketing needs. 


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Interested in brand leveraging or sponsoring one of the BlunTv channels? Our channels are focused on hot cannabis related topics and intended on helping better navigate, inform and guide industry as well as consumers. From business, investing to culinary and product review channels, we are "all things cannabis digital media hub". BlunTv allows the viewer select the cannabis related topic area of their choosing and interest that's housed under one media hub. Contact us to collaborate!

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